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All your pictures are absolutely fantastic. They really do bring World Heritage locations to our attention, avoiding the need for people to add to pollution by travelling to see them for themselves. Thank you for making the photographs public.
Some of the places you have on your website I have visited and the panographie makes me feel as I am back there. It's always a pity, that ordinary photos never expresses the emotions you feel facing those wonders created by nature or by man, but panographies do!
Commercial exploitation, while irresistible to many, is the last thing mankind should do to honor the precious World Heritage sites. What I truly love about the work you do is that it enables one to experience these places without leaving footprints. As technology improves, such "footprint-free" visits to the Earth's most precious places will become more and more real. That's where we ought to be spending the money. Not on airports, souvenir stands and other polluting influences.
I very much appreciate what you are doing for the sake of both our history and our future !
I remember when the internet first started being talked about by the general public, one of the things the early adopters mentionned to convince others was that "you can visit museums everywhere", it's classier than saying "you can find gigabytes of free porn" ; but in the beginning those museums weren't much to look at. Look what we have now: The World Heritage Tour is compiling a bank of Panographies of the Unesco World Heritage sites, only a few are there so far but it's already a wonder to look at. From Angkor in Cambodia to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt and not forgetting the Chinese Terracota Army of Xi'an and Halong Bay in Vietnam, 270 beautiful VRs to admire.
I have visited your site and find it to be superb. Your photographic quality is terrific.
Most impressed with your project - a real triumph of the will and an extremely generous work for the benefit of all mankind. Thanks so much.

I am impressed by the images of Seti's tomb, they are quite beautiful. I am a writer; a great portion of the story I am working on takes place in the tomb of RamsesII, Seti's son. Ramses tomb, I'm sure you are aware, was not preserved due to flooding. I am "assuming" that his tomb may have carried some of the likenesses of his father's. I am looking for a tomb map that charts the specific artwork to given walls in Seti's tomb. This will help me fill to hypothetically fill in the blamks if the unknown areas where scholars are a bit unsure of what was painted in Ramses' tomb. Your website is quite spectacular, and has been so much help already.
Your project is extremely impressive not only in scope but also in photographic quality.
Interesting. I was just having these thoughts myself.
Let me express my admiration for your courage and tenacity. A great project which deserves more attention and support.
What a great source of inspiration your panoramic photographs have been to our family. Everybody here truly admires your work. We all sit in front of our computer and share the magic of looking at a new art form that had been unknown to us until recently. They had us believe that photography was about capturing the reality; we now know it could be about recreating the reality! We love the way we could look straight up into the sun or look straight down and find no sign of our shoes (or yours for that matter!).
Your site is truly a labor of love - I've never seen anything this ambitious before. You really do get around.
Thank you for opening a world to me I would not be able to enter otherwise.
Must let you know how wonderful it is that this site exists. I am a fine artist and have passed it on to other artist-friends. This is truly a lifetime achievement.  May it live forever into history.
I just discovered your Luang Prabang site, and am using it for teaching in my Buddhism class.
Complimenti per il sito. Eccezionale. Una vera Invitation au voyage... ma per chi non può lasciare le nebbie milanesi, una piacevolissima evasione...
What a great website you people have constructed!! I have sent the url to everybody on my contact list, and intend to send it to media and schools as well. Congratulations.
Amazing and thought-provoking work!
Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. My grandchildren are in awe of some of the places your photographic wonders have taken them.
What a wonderful thing you're doing! My husband and I travel a lot and we take many photos that we show around but these panoramas are so much better. It's as close to being there as one could get. I wish you great success with this project.
Hearty congratulations for your site, virtually the most comprehensive panorama of the world ... ;-) What I like in particular are those image maps, a unique and indeed suitable way to navigate! Not to mention those great images themselves, the generous size of which make you feel as if you were really there ...
Je voulais vous féliciter pour votre site, qui est magnifique. J'ai envoyé l'adresse à un ami... voyageur, et il m'a télé pour me dire que c'était un beau cadeau ! Oui, votre adresse est un beau cadeau !!!

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