Support the mission

Be present on the web site beginning with just 1 Euro/image/month or 10 Euro/image/year. The principle is very simple and engaging : let us put your name or your logo very visibly and replacing the 1 Euro graphic already present here below.

Besides we propose the following options :


  • Exhibit panophotographies according to your requirements.

Conference, meeting, debate

  • Introduction, history, nomination and registration of World Heritage sites with breathtaking visual support for all types of audience on all screens (incl. dome, IMAX, planetarium, theatre).

Sponsor a world heritage site

  • Sponsor a site already available online;
  • Sponsor the shooting and post-production of a site not yet available.

Sponsor a country

  • Ditto "sponsor a world heritage site" for all sites of a country.

Sponsor the web site

  • Your name or logo present on all web pages of <>
    (0.5 Euro/image/month - 5 Euro/image/year)

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