WHTour : Support

The WHTour is promoting universal values of culture and nature. This provides an opportunity for companies or organizations to have their image and action associated to these values.

Partners help the WHTour on site and/or commission images.

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Put a banner above every virtual reality movie you want.

Price per VR movie is 50 euro per year.

To tell the VR(s) you want to sponsor : [ contact@whtour.net ]

People, organizations and companies benefit from a huge range of media and technologies : digital and printing productions, exhibitions, conferences, licences...

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CultNat made possible the VRs in Sety Ist tomb, Valley of the Kings [ 15 VRs ] ; inside Unas pyramid [ 1 VR ] and the Sphinx [ 2 VRs ] in Egypt.
The J.M. Kaplan Fund generously gave a grant to the WHTour in order to pursue its mission for one year (12-2003 to 12-2004). The J.M. Kaplan Fund therefore offers all VRs made in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and more to come.
WMF sponsors Angkor in Cambodia [ 13 VRs ] ; the Great Wall in China [ 4 VRs ] ; the Forbidden City in Beijing, China [ 1 VR ] ; Puning Si in Chengde, China [ 3 VRs ] ; Rameses III tomb, Valley of the Kings in Egypt [ 4 VRs ] ; Borobudur in Indonesia [ 5 VRs ] ; Rice terraces in The Philippines Cordilleras [ 4 VRs ].

Le Postillon sponsors Vigan in The Philippines [ 3 VRs ].